Our Vision

Our vision is to be a complete solution provider for your ESP testing needs. Our systems are intelligently designed with scalability, flexibility, and modularity in mind. This lets us build standardized components that will allow us to configure a test system to meet your production performance testing needs.


In the 21st century connectivity is king. Our system communicates via standard industrial protocols for machine control and data acquisition. This allows the customer to create their own data management software or use our software solution. We also have the flexibility to include connections for your preferred and/or proprietary data acquisition with provided connections. Specialized Modbus mapping and communication gateways are available to fit your specific needs.

Service comes after the installation. With 4G connectivity and a secure VPN connection a technician will be able to remotely troubleshoot and upgrade the system software as needed. We also provide plug and play ATTA standard spare parts to get your system back into production as quickly as possible.

Accuracy and reliability is very important to us, we select only the highest accuracy and quality components with impressive MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures). This coupled with our advanced machine diagnostics and annual recertification plan help to insure consistent and trusted test results.